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Table 2 Characteristics of included studies

From: Anterior cruciate ligament repair with LARS (ligament advanced reinforcement system): a systematic review

(NHMRC level of evidence)
(sample size)
[Mean age in years]
Comparison Follow up period (months) Post operative rehabilitation protocols
Lavoie et al.
Chronic & acute
NA 8-45 NR
Nau et al.
Bone patellar bone autologous graft 2
Identical for both groups
WB as tolerated
x3/week physiotherapy sessions#
Liu et al.
4SHG autologous graft 48-52 4SHG Group
Week 0-8: SQ, SLR, Hinged brace
Week 1-3: Static step for balance
Week 3: Initiated Kn F exercises
Week 10: Full WB
Week 12:Normal ADL, Kn F > 120°
6 months: RTS (non competitive)
9 months: RTS and all activities
LARS Group
Week 0-1: SQ, SLR, Full Kn F
Week 0.5-3: WB with Crutches
2 months: RTS (non competitive)
3-4 months: RTS and all activities
Gao et al.
Chronic & acute
NA 36-62 Week 0-1: SQ, Kn F to 90°, crutches, partial WB
Week 1-2: Kn F to 120°
Week 2-4: progress to full WB
1-2 months: return to full ADLs
3 months: initiate return to jogging
6 months: RTS
  1. NR: not reported
  2. 4SHG: 4 strand hamstring graft autologous graft
  3. NA: Not applicable
  4. WB: weight bearing
  5. SLR: Straight leg raise
  6. SQ: Static quadriceps exercises
  7. RTS: Return to sport
  8. Kn F: Knee flexion
  9. ADLs: Activities of daily living
  10. *Chronic was termed greater than 3 months from injury time to surgery
  11. # For the first 3 months