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Table 1 Involvement of failed healing in different manifestations of tendinopathies.

From: Deciphering the pathogenesis of tendinopathy: a three-stages process

Injury Healing responses Failed Healing Histopathological changes Clinical presentation Different manifestations
• Overuse • Previous traumatic injury • Xenobiotics • Pathogens Inflammation Sustained pro-inflammatory cytokines • Pain • Mechanical weakness • "Tendinitis" • Paratendinitis • Insertional tendinopathy • Overuse tendon injuries • Spontaneous rupture • Activity-related pain • Calcified tendinopathy
  Neovascularization Hypervascularity   
  Innervation Increased neuropeptides and innervation   
  Cell recruitment/apoptosis Hypercellularity, increased apoptosis   
  Matrix synthesis Mucoid, lipoid, calcific degeneration   
  Tenogenic differentiation/apoptosis    
  Matrix remodeling Collagenolysis, tendon adhesion