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Figure 1

From: MACI - a new era?

Figure 1

The MACI procedure. (1) Initial arthroscopy with evaluation of the injured cartilage and harvest of a full-thickness cartilage biopsy; (2) the biopsy is sent in a sterile and cooled container to the cell culture laboratory; (3) the cartilage is enzymatically digested; (4) expansion of the chondrocytes in monolayer culture for about four weeks; (5) the cells are seeded onto the scaffold a few days before implantation; (6) the engineered implant is sent back to the surgeon in a sterile container; (7) definitive surgery with debridement of the injured cartilage followed by implantation of the MACI-implant, which is trimmed to fit the defect size and glued with a thin layer of fibrin glue.

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