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Table 1 Strain of the Coracohumeral Ligament and Positions of the Glenohumeral Joint

From: Stretching positions for the coracohumeral ligament: Strain measurement during passive motion using fresh/frozen cadaver shoulders

Shoulder Positions Measured Reported Authors In Vitro Measurement In Vivo Effective Positioning
Elevation 0° with ER Burkart Fig. 3-A Fig. 7-A, D
Elevation 30° with ER   Fig. 3-A  
Elevation 60° with ER Kuhn Fig. 3-A  
Flexion 30° with ER Edelson and Ferrari Fig. 3-B  
Flexion 60° with ER Burkart Fig. 3-B  
Abduction 30° with ER Edelson and Ferrari Fig. 3-C  
Abduction 60° with ER   Fig. 3-C  
Extension 30° with ER Terry and Kelly Fig. 3-D Fig. 7-B, E
Extension 30° + Add with ER Kelly Fig. 3-E Fig. 7-C, F
  1. Mean of strain % (standard deviation). 0% strain indicated minus strain values compared to reference length (L0). Ext, external; Rot, rotation.
  2. *: Statistically significant increase in strain compared to L0; P < .05.