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Table 2 The Criteria for Evaluation of the Result of the Treatment at Final Follow-up2

From: Clinical results of a surgical technique using endobuttons for complete tendon tear of pectoralis major muscle: report of five cases




The patient was pain free, had a full range of motion, no cosmetic complaints, had symmetrical manual adduction strength assessment or less than 10% isokinetic strength loss, and had returned to previous activities without restrictions.


The patient had only slight functional impairment with only restrictions in movement or strength, and without cosmetic complaints with symmetrical manual adduction strength, or less than 20% isometric deficit.


There was an impairment of function which affected return to desired activity, that is, pain or weakness on activity, or if the cosmetic result was unsatisfactory.


in cases of tretment failure, that is, for non-surgical treatment if an operation was required after a minimum of 16 weeks after the injury