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Figure 4

From: Immunohistological analysis of extracted anterior cruciate ligament graft impinged against posterior cruciate ligament

Figure 4

Immunolocalization of VEGF in the non-impinged portion and impinged portion of the extracted ACL graft. (A, B) Immunohistological stain with anti-VEGF antibody showing the enhanced expression of VEGF at the impinged site of the graft compared with the non-impinged part. (A, B: original magnification × 100, Scale bar = 100 μm) (C, D) As negative controls, anti-ADAMTS-5 antibody was substituted for primary antibody. (C, D: original magnification × 100, Scale bar = 100 μm) VEGF = vasucular endothelial growth factor; ADAMTS-5 = A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase with ThromboSpondin mortif -5.

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