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Figure 5

From: Short and long terms healing of the experimentally transverse sectioned tendon in rabbits

Figure 5

Histopathological findings: A) Tissue section from the injured area of a 28 DPI rabbit. The tissue is disorganized and edematous. Edema is not only conspicuous in the tendon proper, it is quite prominent in the perivascular area. Few inflammatory cells are seen in the section. B) Tissue section from the injured area of an 84 DPI rabbit. The tissue is still hypercellular, however, the fibroblasts and collagen fibers show a linear alignment. C) Tissue section from a normal tendon of a rabbit of 28 DPI. The collagen fibers and tenocytes are arranged along the longitudinal axis of the tendon and show a crimp pattern. The tenocytes have cigar shaped nuclei (Scale bar = 56 Mm).

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