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Table 2 Overview of the outcome measures of the Sport-2-Stay-Fit

From: Sport-2-Stay-Fit study: Health effects of after-school sport participation in children and adolescents with a chronic disease or physical disability

Outcome measure Parameter Measurement
Physical Fitness Anaerobic fitness Muscle Power Sprint Test (MPST)
Agility 10x5 meter sprint
Aerobic fitness Shuttle run/ride test (SRT)
Strength Grip strength
Reverse curl
Seated push up
Standing broad jump/One stroke push
Flexibility Modified Apley test
Modified Thomas test
Cardiovascular Health Morphologic Length, weight, BMI
Bioelectrical impedance analysis
Metabolic Sphygmomanometer
Finger puncture
Physical Activity Modality Activ8
Activity diary
Cognitive functioning School performance Type of education
Educational achievement test
Attention Bourdon-Vos
Cancellation task
Capture task
Psychosocial functioning Self-perception Self-Perception Profile for Children (SPPC)
Quality of life Disabkids
Self-efficacy Exercise Self-efficacy Scale (ESES)