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Table 2 Top ten most downloaded apps and what they do

From: Smartphone apps for orthopaedic sports medicine – a smart move?

Name of app Description of the app
Optech live Provides Orthopaedic Specialists with easy access to the latest Stryker Orthopaedics surgical techniques
Meniscal Tear Contains animated rehabilitation exercises for patients following meniscal tears
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Contains strengthening exercises, plyometrics, balancing exercises for patients with ACL injuries
Tennis Elbow Contains causes and symptoms of tennis elbow along with animated rehabilitation exercises
Patellar Tendonitis Contains causes, symptoms and treatment for patellar tendinitis along with animated rehabilitation exercises
Sports Injury Clinic Provides information on over 100 sports injuries covering symptoms, an explanation of the injury and treatment methods. 
Orthopaedics Today Europe Provides access to the latest issue of Orthopaedics Today Europe
MediGrip Provide healthcare workers with the most relevant and interesting results in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine research.
Knee Goniometer An accelerometer based knee goniometer for use in patients with Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Injuries
Throw Like a Pro Provides an overview of baseball throwing injuries, with and medical advice for injury prevention