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Table 2 Full search strategy

From: A systematic review of financial incentives given in the healthcare setting; do they effectively improve physical activity levels?

1 (incentive* or reward* or voucher or free access or lottery or lotteries or voucher*1 or prize* or monetary support or financial support or financial assist* or cost sharing or medical fees or subsidy or subsidies or cash payment* or contingent payment* or bonus* or loan* or credit* or member* or financing or disincentive* or penalty or penalties).tw.
2 financial support/or financing, organized/or financing, government/or cost sharing/or fees, medical/or “fees and charges”/or public assistance/
3 (access or participation rate* or “frequency of participation” or sustained participation or increased participation or repeated participation or attendance or (complet* adj3 program) or referral uptake or “used the prescription” or “uptake rate*” or (received adj3 pedometer*) or offered or half price).tw.
4 exercise therapy/ut or “referral and consultation”/ut or counseling/ut or health promotion/ut or health services/ut
5 1 or 2 or 3 or 4
6 (intervention* or program*1 or project*1 or pilot*1 or policy or policies or trial* or increas* or campaign or sustain* or encourag* or motivat* or promot* or improv* or counsel?ing or participation or health facilit*).ti.
7 intervention studies/or health promotion/or health plan implementation/or healthy people programs/or national health programs/or government programs/or program development/or program evaluation/or pilot projects/or exp clincial trials/or counseling/or health facilities/or exercise therapy/or motivation/
8 (excercise referral* or referral program* or exercise program* or excercise promotion or exercise advice*).tw.
9 6 or 7 or 8
10 (physical activit* or exercise or aerobics or aerobic capacit* or aerobic class* or aerobic activ* or physical exert* or moderate activ* or vigorous activ* or sport* or fitness or “keep fit” or gymnas* or gym or walking or walk or running or run or jogging or jog or cycle or cycling or bicycl* or bike*1 or biking or swimming or swim or swims or dancing or gardening or stair*1).ti.
11 (aqua* or yoga* or pilates* or rollerblad* or rollerskat* or skate or skates or skating).ti. or (leisure centre* or leisure center*).tw.
12 (active travel* or active transport* or active commut* or multimodal transportation or alternative transport* or alternative travel* or pedestrianis* or pedestrianiz).ti.
13 motor activity/or exp exercise/or exercise therapy/or exp sports/or fitness centers/or walking/or running/or jogging/or bicycling/or swimming/or dancing/or gardening/or “physical education and training”/or gymnastics/or physical fitness/
14 10 or 11 or 12 or 13
15 9 and 14
16 (health care or health care or primary care or primary health care or preventive care or preventive medicine or health promotion or integrated care or behavi?r therap* or referral scheme* or hospital* or physician* or nurse* or nursing or general practi* or gp or family practi* or doctors or public health).tw.
17 delivery of health care/or delivery of health care, integrated/or primary health care/or preventive medicine/or preventive health services/or primary prevention/or behavior therapy/or hospitals/or physicians/or physicians, family/or physicians, primary care/or family practice/or general practice/or general practitioners/or nursing/or nurses/or “referral and consultation”/or public health/
18 16 or 17
19 5 and 15 and 18
20 (employee* or worker* or work or job or jobs or occupational or school* or pupils or student* or athletes or athletic* or sports medicine or wounds or injuries or injury or incontinence or pregnancy or pregnant or pain or cancer).tw. or injuries.fs.
21 work/or occupational health/or occupational health services/or occupational health physicians/or employee incentive plans/or schools health services/or schools/or students/or student health services/or athletes/or athletic performance/or sports medicine/or exp “wounds and injuries”/or urinary inconticence/or exp pregnancy/or rehabilitation/or exp pain/or pain management/or exp neoplasms/or sports/px
22 19 not (20 or 21)
23 22 and (english or dutch).lg.
24 remove duplicates from 23