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Table 5 Interview guide to health professionals

From: Pedometer use and self-determined motivation for walking in a cardiac telerehabilitation program: a qualitative study

Opening question
 Who, time and place Would you please introduce yourself briefly by telling your name, profession and the place of your employment? (Healthcare centre or hospital)
Research questions Interview questions
 The health professionals experienced of using the pedometer in the interaction with the patients concerning physical activity Tell about the step counter
What is your experience of using the step counter as a working tool to support the patients’ physical activity?
What do you think the step counter means to the patients?
Tell about the relatives involvement in the patients use of the step counter
Step counter – own experiences Have you used the step counter yourself?
What do you think about the step counter?(as a working tool)
What does the step counter mean to you
Does it influence your interaction with the patient that you have a step counter yourself
Closing questions
 Makes it possible for the interviewees to raise spontaneous issues, inspired by the previous questions
Is there anything else you would like to tell me about
Exploratory questions
 Makes the interviewees feel important. These questions are used when appropriate throughout the interview
That sounds interesting, please tell me more
Can you give me a more detailed description?
Please, provide examples