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Table 1 The different tasks of the Swiss Ski Power Test (SSPT) [15]

From: Investigating physical fitness and race performance as determinants for the ACL injury risk in Alpine ski racing

Task Test parameter (s) Measure
Swiss Cross speed/coordination time [s]
push-ups strength endurance upper body time [s]
one leg 5-hop speed/strength distance [m]
standing long jump speed/strength distance [m]
plank test force endurance trunk time [s]
obstacle run coordination time [s]
high box jump anaerobic endurance repetitions within 90 s
12 min run aerobic endurance distance [m]
  1. Note: The plank test was replaced in 2013 by the trunk twist test, i.e., for the plank test which was considered in this study only data from 2004 to 2012 was available