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Table 2 Barriers to engage in sports and physical activity

From: Physical inactivity among physiotherapy undergraduates: exploring the knowledge-practice gap

Themes Reasons
Time “Increased academic work load reduces the time to engage in sports”
“Lack of appropriate time management to include exercise into daily routine”
“More time spent on travelling”
“Have other daily activities after going home to engage in”
Motivation & Support “Do not like sports. Like to be calm and alone watch TV, browse internet or read”
“Do not like to get hurt/feel pain”
“Get tired quickly”
“Not enjoyable”
“Increase workload increases stress, preventing involvement in sports”
“Nobody appreciates doing sports (peers, teachers)”
“Need a partner or a friend to do sports”
“No support from family, school and teachers”
“Need a supervisor or a coach”
“Do not like to get tired. Can’t study after exercising”
Facilities “Do not have a gymnasium at place of study”
“At hostel there is no room or appropriate space to exercise”
“There is no ground nearby, must travel by bus”
“No money to go to a gym or buy equipment”
Personal “Do not know benefits”
“Medical reasons (wheezing)”
“Do not like to being in the sun”
“Lack of nutritious food in hostels and boarding places. Do not have enough energy”
“Difficult to change dresses”