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Table 4 Impact of adjusting for weight on survival differences by event

From: Differences in life expectancy between olympic high jumpers, discus throwers, marathon and 100 meter runners

  Hazard Ratio for Mortality (95% Confidence Interval)
Model Marathon 100-m High Jump Discus
Adjusted for Age at event, Gender, 0.60 (0.51–0.87) Reference 0.71 (0.53–0.95) 1.00 (0.75–1.34)
Adjusted for Age at event, Gender and Weight 0.67 (0.45–1.02) Reference 0.70 (0.52–0.93) 0.83 (0.55–1.25)
  1. N/A not applicable, the marathon was not an Olympic evesnt for females during the study period