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Table 2 Australian physiotherapists’ knowledge, role perception, confidence, feasibility and barriers to physical activity promotion

From: Are we missing opportunities? Physiotherapy and physical activity promotion: a cross-sectional survey

Variable (n = 257) n Agree (%)
Aware of the Australian PASB guidelines 168 (65)
Knowledge of PA message
 Taking the stairs at work and generally being more active each day is enough PA to improve health 138 (54)
 Half an hour of walking on most days is all the exercise that is needed for good health 111 (43)
 Exercise that is good for health must make you puff and pant 82 (32)
 Several short walks of 10 min each on most days is better than one round of golf per week for good health 201 (78)
Health Professionals Role
 Discussing the benefits of a physically active lifestyle with patients is part of the health professionals role 254 (98.8)
 Suggesting to patients ways to increase daily PA is part of the health professionals role 253 (98.4)
 Health professionals should be physically active to act as a role model for their patients 250 (97.3)
Confidence in giving PA message
 I would feel confident in giving general advice to patients on a physically active lifestyle 245 (95.3)
 I would feel confident in suggesting specific physical activity 239 (93.0)
Feasibility of PA promotion strategies
 Brief counselling integrated into regular consultations 241 (93.8)
 Separate one-on-one consultations 135 (52.5)
 Group sessions 173 (67.3)
 Distribution of resources (such as brochures) 240 (93.4)
Barriers to PA promotion
 Lack of time 35 (13.6)
 Lack of counselling skills 16 (6.2)
 Lack of remuneration for promoting PA 14 (5.4)
 Lack of interest in promoting PA 3 (1.2)
 Feeling it would not change the patient’s behaviour 24 (9.3)
 Feeling it would not be beneficial for the patient 2 (0.8)
 Other 47 (18.3)
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