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Fig. 3

From: Physical activity and sedentary behavior following pediatric burns – a preliminary investigation using objective activity monitoring

Fig. 3

a and b Individual levels of daily physical activity and sedentary behavior, compared to non-burned peers. Time spent in various physical activity intensities and sedentary behavior, relative to age for both boys (left) and girls (right) after burn injury, calculated with an epoch length of (a) 15 s and (b) 60 s. Non-burned reference values (mean ± 2 SD) for adolescents aged 12.5–17.5 years are presented in (a) [20], and reference values for children aged 6–11 years are presented in (b) [21], because of the differences in epoch length. *Please note that the cut point for moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in the study of Ruiz et al. [20] was 2000 counts per minute (cpm) compared to the 2296 cpm of Evenson et al. [27] which was used in the current study. Abbreviations: PA = physical activity; MVPA = moderate-to-vigorous physical activity; min = minutes

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