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Fig. 6

From: Investigation of cardiopulmonary exercise testing using a dynamic leg press and comparison with a cycle ergometer

Fig. 6

Peak performance parameters and ramp duration. the green lines link the sample pairs from each participant; the red horizontal bars depict mean values. D is the difference between the paired samples: D = DLP - CE. MD is the mean difference (red horizontal bar), with its 95% confidence interval (CI) in blue. Inclusion of the value 0 within the 95% CI signifies a non-significant difference between the means (p>0.05, Table 1); a significant difference between the means is marked by 0 lying outwith the 95% CI (p<0.05, Table 1). a\(\dot {V}\text {O}_{\mathrm {2peak}}\): MD = -0.892 L/min, 95% CI = (-1.138,-0.646), p=0.0000067. b HRpeak: MD = -8 bpm, 95% CI = (-12,-4), p=0.0016. c RERpeak: MD = 0.02, 95% CI = (-0.01,0.06), p=0.17. d tramp: MD = -1.4 min, 95% CI = (-2.1,-0.8), p=0.00067

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