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Table 1 Characteristics of participants. Participants in cohort 1 were assessed with the single-leg hop test for distance and those in cohort 2 were assessed with the single-limb mini squat.

From: Agreement between test procedures for the single-leg hop for distance and the single-leg mini squat as measures of lower extremity function

Cohort 1 (n=23)
 Age (y), mean (SD) 24 (4.9)
 Women, (n) 16
 BMI (kg/m2), mean (SD) 22.2 (2.0)
 Injured joint, (n)
  Hip 2
  Knee 12
  Foot 9
 Injured side, right/left (n) 14/9
 Grimby physical activity level, median (quartiles) 5 (4–6)
 HOOS/KOOS/FAOS subscales
  Pain 87 (11.2)
  Symptoms 76 (15.7)
  ADL 96 (9.3)
  Sport/Rec 72 (19.7)
  QOL 64 (18.7)
Cohort 2 (n=28)
 Age (y), mean (SD) 23 (4.1)
 Women (n) 15
 BMI (kg/m2), mean SD 22.8 (2.5)
 Grimby physical activity level, median (quartiles) 5 (4–6)
  1. y years, SD standard deviation, n number of subjects, BMI body mass index. The Grimby physical activity scale ranges from 1-6, least to hardest physical activity. A level of 4 corresponds to moderate exercise 1-2 hours a week, a level of 5 is equal to moderate exercise at least 3 hours a week, and a level of 6 is equal to hard or very hard exercise several times a week. HOOS Hip Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, KOOS Knee Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, FAOS Foot Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, ADL activity of Daily Living, QOL Quality of Life