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Table 1 Illustration of the steps in STC

From: Long-term members’ use of fitness centers: a qualitative study

Step 1: Preliminary theme Step 2: Meaning units (direct citation from informant) Step 3: Condensed description Step 4: Final theme and analytical text
Achieves physical and mental health benefits “The important thing for me is that I manage to avoid another operation on my knee. Water gymnastics is good for me and I want to continue with this in the future.”
“Yes, I feel the positive effects exercise has for me, in relation to both energy and my mood. And my anxiety, it affects that a lot. I have had years where I only have been sitting indoors, without getting out of the house”
Exercise is positive in relation to my health; it also leads to more energy and better mood. Theme: Health benefits and physical appearance
Analytical text: The fitness center was […] and to achieve desired health benefits.