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Fig. 3

From: Cardiac hypertrophy is stimulated by altered training intensity and correlates with autophagy modulation in male Wistar rats

Fig. 3

αMHC mRNA Expression in Cardiac Muscles After 8 Weeks of Treadmill Training with Different Intensity. a 8 weeks of Treadmill Training with Different Intensity Stimulates αMHC mRNA Expression in Rat Cardiac Muscle (Left ventricle myocardium). b A significant increase of αMHC mRNA Expression were found in MI compared to control (a), between LI and MI (b), and between LI and HI (c). αMHC mRNA expression in HI is increased with p = 0.076, compared to control. Data was presented as average mean ± standard error of mean (SEM) with p < 0.05 considered as significant (*)

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