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Table 1 Quality Analysis using PEDro-Scale (Cross indicates study did not meet this criteria)

From: Impact of wearable physical activity monitoring devices with exercise prescription or advice in the maintenance phase of cardiac rehabilitation: systematic review and meta-analysis

 Eligibility Criteria Specified (Not included in final score)Randomly AllocatedAllocation ConcealedSimilar Baseline Measure-mentsBlinding of AssessorsLess than 15% dropout both groupsIntention to TreatStatistical ComparisonsVariability MeasuresScore
Avila et al. [67]XX6
Butler et al. [68]XXX5
Cupples et al. [69]XXXX4
Duscha et al. [70]XXXX4
Guiraud et al. [71]XX6
Houle et al. [72]XXX5
Skobel et al. [73]XXX5
ter Hoeve et al. [52]XX6
Varnfield et al. [53]XXX5