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Table 4 Model Estimates

From: Six weeks of balance or power training induce no generalizable improvements in balance performance in healthy young adults

DataFixed effectEstimateSELower 95% CIUpper 95% CIt-valuep-value
sqrt (sensoboard post-training)Intercept1.710.121.471.9513.7<  0.001***
Trial0.01210.00150.0090.01527.82<  0.001***
Group Control−0.20.17− 0.540.12−1.210.23
Group Power−0.340.18−0.690.01−1.860.07
Trial: Group Control−0.000340.0021−0.0040.004−0.160.87
Trial: Group Power−0.000780.0023−0.0050.004−0.340.73
sqrt (tilt-board post-training)Intercept1.<  0.001***
Trial0.00810.00110.0060.016.86<  0.001***
Group Control0.0570.11−
Group Power−0.0380.12−0.270.19−0.320.75
Trial: Group Control−0.000840.0016−0.0040.002−0.520.6
Trial: Group Power−0.000890.0017−0.0040.002−0.50.61
sqrt (sensoboard pre-training)Intercept1.050.0890.881.2211.77<  0.001***
Trial0.080.0190.040.124.25<  0.001***
Group Control0.0390.12−
Group Power−0.050.13−0.310.2−0.390.7
Trial: Group Control0.000220.026−
Trial: Group Power−0.0170.028−0.070.04−0.6240.54
sqrt (tilt-board pre-training)Intercept0.640.0910.470.827.07<  0.001***
Trial0.070.0120.050.095.84<  0.001***
Group Control0.130.12−0.10.381.080.28
Group Power0.140.14−
Trial: Group Control−0.0270.017−0.060.006−1.580.12
Trial: Group Power−0.040.018−0.084−0.01−2.620.012*
sqrt (sensoboard), transferIntercept1.410.071.281.5520.14<  0.001***
Time Post0.340.0820.180.54.14<  0.001***
Group Control0.040.096−
Group Power−0.130.1−0.330.07−1.250.22
Time Post: Group Control−0.150.11−0.370.07− 1.330.19
Time Post: Group Power−0.120.12−0.360.11−1.010.32
sqrt (tilt-board), transferIntercept0.970.080.821.1312.1<  0.001***
Time Post0.380.0850.210.544.44<  0.001***
Group Control0.0130.11−
Group Power−0.080.12−0.310.15−0.660.51
Time Post: Group Control0.0220.12−
Time Post: Group Power−0.00880.12−0.250.23−0.0710.94
  1. Fixed effects estimates, standard error (SE), lower and upper 95% confidence interval, t-value and p-value. Sqrt corresponds to square root. Intercept corresponds to the intercepts (trial 1) of the reference group (balance group). Intercept is tested against zero. Group Control and Group Power correspond to the difference between Intercept and the intercept of the control and power group. Trial corresponds to the slope of the reference group (i.e. the balance group). Trial: Group Control and Trial: Group Power correspond to the difference between the slope of the balance group (Trial) and the slope of the control and power group
  2. One star indicates a significant difference with p < 0.05. Three stars indicate a significant difference with p < 0.001