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Table 3 Reliability (internal consistency) of 25 questionnaire items and five latent variables

From: Attitudes and behavior related to performance-enhancing substance use among elite Saudi football players

FactorsNo of itemsCronbach’s alpha95% confidence interval
Legitimacy perceptions (5-point scale)40.75(0.70, 0.78)
Morality and cheating measures (5-point scale)40.71(0.68, 0.73)
Beliefs about the benefit of doping (3-point scale)60.79(0.76, 0.82)
Threat or deterrence appraisal (5-point scale)30.74(0.70, 0.77)
Beliefs about the reference group’s endorsement of doping (5-point scale)80.88(0.87, 0.90)
All items250.77(0.74, 0.80)