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Table 2 Example of the timeline and intensity of each of the phases in the home-based HIIT protocol

From: The effect of home-based low-volume, high-intensity interval training on cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition and cardiometabolic health in women of normal body mass and those with overweight or obesity: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Exercise 1Rest 1Exercise 2Rest 2Exercise 3Rest 3Exercise 4Rest 4
Intensity (% VO2peak)8565856585658565
Time (min)0–2:002:00–3:303:30–5:305:30–7:007:00–9:009:00–10:3010:30–12:3012:30–14:00
Running Step-upsWalk/steppingSquat jumpWalk/steppingRunning Step-upsWalk/steppingSquat jumpWalk/stepping
Sumo squat Inch worm Sumo squat Inch worm 
Mountain climbers Alternating lunges Mountain climbers Alternating lunges 
Burpees High knees Burpees High knees 
  1. VO2peak Peak oxygen consumption