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Table 2 Comparison of the fatigue scores at different times between the intervention and the control groups

From: Effectiveness of exercise on fatigue in hemodialysis patients: a randomized controlled trial

GroupThe control groupThe intervention groupStatistical testaP valuePartial Eta SquaredMean DifferenceP valueb
Fatigue scoreMeanSDMeanSD
Pre intervention62.5316.3258.8015.295.720.020.14−3.730.48
First month64.0313.9158.7813.54−5.250.25
Second month64.2213.0758.7514.73−5.470.24
Third month69.539.2254.2015.16−15.330.001
One month after the intervention70.347.6954.2313.60−16.12< 0.001
P value0.060.12     
  1. a Repeated measured ANOVA
  2. b Adjustment for multiple comparisons: Bonferroni