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Table 2 High intensity interval training in adults with cystic fibrosis

From: Effects of high intensity interval training on exercise capacity in people with chronic pulmonary conditions: a narrative review

StudyPopulationInterval exerciseContinuous exerciseFrequency and duration
Gruber [38]
n = 23
Adults (medically stable inpatients)1: 2 work recovery ratio (30 s: 60 s, 20 s: 60 s if more deconditioned) on a treadmill. Speed 3 to 4 km/hr. (work) and 50% incline, 0% incline (active recovery)
Duration: 16 min (10 interval bouts)
Various sport activities depending on fitness level (i.e. walking, ball games, stretching, balance training and resistance training). HR corresponding 80–90% equivalent to 60 to 75% VO2peak (unmatched workload between groups)
Duration: 45 min
5 times x week for 6 weeks
Kaltsakas [65]
n = 24
Adults30 s 100% Wmax interspersed with 40% Wmax for 30 s
Duration: 30 min
70% Wmax
(matched workload between groups)
Duration: 30 min
12 weeks (frequency per week not provided)
  1. Abbreviations: CI confidence interval, HR heart rate, Wmax maximal work rate