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Table 1 Definition of the 6 muscles and surface electrode localizations, using an inter-electrode distance of 2 cm

From: Neuromuscular shoulder activity during exercises with different combinations of stable and unstable weight mass

MuscleElectrode placement
Upper trapezius (U.TA)Supero-medial and infero-lateral to a point 2 cm lateral to one-half the distance between the C7 spinous process and the lateral tip of the acromion [33]
Lower trapezius (L.TA)1/3 between the spinous process of the seventh thoracic vertebrae and the medial border of the scapula at the intersection of the scapula spine [34]
Serratus anterior (SA)Over the seventh intercostal space, just anterior to the fibers of the latissimus dorsi [34]
Lateral deltoid (DE)Intersection of the midpoint between the anterior and posterior deltoid muscles and the midpoint between the acromion and deltoid tuberosity [33]
Latissimus dorsi (LD)Posterior axillary fold, directly lateral to the inferior tip of the scapula [33]
Pectoralis major (PE)3.5 cm medial to the anterior axillary line [33]