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Table 1 Characteristics of the respondents included in the study (N = 3053)

From: Associations between sport participation and knee symptoms: a cross-sectional study involving 3053 undergraduate students

 Female1900 (62.36%)
 Male1147 (37.64%)
Age20.86 (2.89)
Body Mass Index21.84 (6.17)
Height165.71 (9.31)
Weight58.09 (12.96)
Number of regularly participated sports (participate ≥once per week)
 None1730 (56.77%)
 One894 (29.34%)
 Two or more423 (13.88%)
Average Sports Participation among all respondents, hours per week2.08 (3.25)
Average Sports participation among respondents who engage in at least one sport regularly, hours per week4.83 (3.36)
Anxiety, DASS sub-scale7.94 (3.78)
Depression, DASS sub-scale6.01 (3.15)
Presence of knee symptoms
 Lifetime1084 (35.57%)
 Past 12 months708 (23.32%)
 Past 7 days312 (10.24%)
 Current194 (6.37%)
Working surface
 Bed385 (12.61%)
 Desk2343 (76.72%)
 Dining table325 (10.64%)
  1. Variables are presented in mean (standard deviation) or number of respondents (percentage)