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Table 2 The effects of number of regularly engaged sports, self-perceived competitive levels of sports, and overall duration of sports participation on the current knee symptoms, adjusted by anxiety level, depression level and type of work surface (N = 1305)

From: Associations between sport participation and knee symptoms: a cross-sectional study involving 3053 undergraduate students

VariableOdds Ratio95% CI of Odds Ratio
Sports participation Time, Hours per Week1.10*1.04 to 1.16
Number of sports participated regularly (Reference: One)
 Two or more1.050.67 to 1.67
Self-perceived competitiveness (Reference: Recreational)
 Mainly recreational1.310.80 to 2.14
 Mainly competitive1.190.64 to 2.22
 Competitive2.92*1.67 to 5.10
Anxiety (DASS)1.071.04 to 1.17
Depression (DASS)1.030.96 to 1.11
Work surface (Reference: Dinning Table)
 Desk3.551.14 to 11.1
 Bed2.821.00 to 7.92
  1. Significant odds ratio is annotated by asterisk (*)