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Table 2 Baseline characteristics of participants

From: Periodized resistance training for persistent non-specific low back pain: a mixed methods feasibility study

Participants characteristics(n = 24)
Age, mean (SD)40 (13)
Women, %45.8
Married or cohabitant, %83
Education (High school, college, university), %100
Employed (full-time or part time), %87.5
Sick leave (fully/partially), %0
Pain has prevented you from doing leisure time activities, %70.8
Neck pain, %50
Shoulder pain, %33
Hip pain, %29
Upper back pain, %8
Knee pain, %8
Fear avoidance beliefs questionnaire
 Part A – Activity beliefs (0–24), mean (SD)8.1 (5)
 Part B – Work beliefs (0–42), mean (SD)9.8 (6.2)
  1. Abbreviations: SD Standard deviation, LBP Low back pain