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Table 2 Test batteries used in the present study

From: Hop tests and psychological PROs provide a demanding and clinician-friendly RTS assessment of patients after ACL reconstruction, a registry study

Type of testStrength testsHop testsPROs
2 MF tests • vertical hop 
• hop for distance
2 MF tests and 2 PROs • vertical hop• KOOS QoL
• hop for distance• ACL-RSI
5 MF tests• knee extension• vertical hop 
• knee flexion• hop for distance
• side hop
5 MF tests and 2 PROs• knee extension• vertical hop• KOOS QoL
• knee flexion• hop for distance• ACL-RSI
• side hop
  1. ACL-RSI = Anterior Cruciate Ligament Return to Sport after Injury; KOOS QoL = Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, Quality of Life subscale; MF = Muscle Function; PROs = patient-reported outcomes