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Table 5 Factors independently influencing changes in quadriceps strength and TUG in all participants (independent variable: thigh swelling)

From: Effects of preoperative low-intensity training with slow movement on early quadriceps weakness after total knee arthroplasty in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a retrospective propensity score-matched study

Dependent variables Independent variables Standardized
β coefficient
QW Age (year) 0.08 0.31
Tourniquet time (min) −0.04 0.56
Thigh swelling (%) −0.24 0.00
ΔKnee pain during the QST (mm) −0.16 0.04
ΔTUG Age (year) −0.03 0.64
Gender −0.07 0.36
Thigh swelling (%) −0.06 0.45
QW (%) −0.30 0.00
  1. Note. N = 173, male = 44. Standardized β indicates the adjusted regression coefficient. The Δ symbol indicates pre- and postoperative measurement changes
  2. Abbreviations: QW quadriceps weakness, QST quadriceps strength test, TUG timed up and go test