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Fig. 1

From: Association between plantar flexor muscle volume and dorsiflexion flexibility in healthy young males: ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging studies

Fig. 1

Experimental photographic images for measuring dorsiflexion flexibility parameters

Three dorsiflexion (DF) flexibility parameters of the right leg were measured in a sitting position with full extension of the knee joint. The foot was tightly strapped to a footplate connected to the lever arm of a dynamometer. Panel a is a photographic image of the setup for measuring three DF flexibility parameters. Panel b contains photographic images of the changes in ankle joint angles, including plantar flexion (PF) 20º, 0º, and DF 20º, during the passive stiffness measurement. Panel c contains photographic images of the maximal angles during the active and passive range of motion (ROM) measurements. The angles of active and passive DF ROMs were at DF 24º and 31º, respectively

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