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Table 1 General overview of weekly training content in professional netball players during the preseason preparation and competition periods of the Suncorp Super Netball season

From: Body composition in professional female netball players within and between seasons: a cohort study

Period Objectives Mode Frequency Durationc Intensity
Preseason 1 Aerobic capacity Off legsa 3 30–60 min 6–7 RPE
Anaerobic capacity On/off legs 2 30–35 min 7–8 RPE
Straight line speed On legsb 1 30 min 9 RPE
Strength and hypertrophy Gym 3 70–80 min P: 3–8 reps 80–95 % 1RM;
S: 6–12 reps 70–80 % 1RM
Preseason 2 Aerobic power Off legsa 2 30–40 min 7–8 RPE
Anaerobic power On/off legs 2 30–35 min 8–9 RPE
Speed and COD On legsb 2 30 min 9–10 RPE
Maximal strength and power Gym 3 60–70 min MS: 1–6 reps 90–100 % 1RM;
MP: 2–6 reps 40–60 % 1RM
Competition Speed and COD On/off legs 2 30 min 9 RPE
Maintenance of strength and power Gym 2 50–60 min MS: 3–6 reps 85–90 % 1RM;
MP: 2–6 reps 40–60 % 1RM
Offseason Aerobic capacity On/off legs 3 90–120 min 4–6 RPE
Strength and endurance Gym 2 60–75 min 5–6 RPE
  1. RPE rate of perceived exertion using the CR-10 scale, P Primary lifts, S Supplementary lifts, MS Maximal strength exercise, MP Muscular power exercise, Reps repetitions, 1RM 1-repetition maximum
  2. aoff legs: conditioning using mixture of indoor cycling, rowing, cross training
  3. bon legs: conditioning using mixture of track work and court training
  4. cinclusive of warm up and cool down unless blocked with other forms of training. Note: Athletes undertook individualized training programs, and there were some variations in exercise selection and programming, depending on their physique, performance goals, and training experience