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Table 4 Partial correlation coefficients between fast-velocity knee extensor strength and personal best 100-m sprint time in sprinters

From: Relationship of the knee extensor strength but not the quadriceps femoris muscularity with sprint performance in sprinters: a reexamination and extension

Confounding variables Partial r P value
Body height −0.519 < 0.001
Body mass −0.397 0.002
Proximal quadriceps femoris CSA −0.487 < 0.001
Middle quadriceps femoris CSA −0.432 0.001
Distal quadriceps femoris size CSA −0.460 < 0.001
Quadriceps femoris MV −0.475 < 0.001
  1. CSA cross-sectional area, MV muscle volume