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Table 5 Median score per question of the satisfaction surveya

From: Teleneurorehabilitation program (virtual reality) for patients with balance disorders: descriptive study

Questions Median (Interquartile ranges)
Information about treatment 1 (1–1)
Understanding the training 1 (1–1)
Software usability 1 (1–1)
Therapeutic supervision 1 (1–1)
Satisfaction with the therapy 1 (1–1)
VR-TNR is better than Conventional Therapy (CT) 1 (1–2)
Right price 1 (1–2)
Recommending this therapy to others 1 (1–1)
  1. a2 of the questions are omitte because they correspond to the age range and gender that are already exposed at the beginning of the results
  2. (1 means that you are satisfied with the service provided and 5 means that you are dissatisfied with the service provided)