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Table 1 Evaluated parameters of exercise participation

From: Feasibility and implementation of a personalized, web-based exercise intervention for people with cystic fibrosis for 1 year

Nr. Exercise participation parameter
1.1 Individual training time/week (mean_min)
1.2 Individual training sessions/week (mean_sessions)
1.3 Individual training weeks (n/52; %)
2.1 Group training time/training sectiona (mean_min)
2.2 Group training sessions/training section (mean_sessions)
3.1 Domain 4 IPAQ—leisure (moderate, vigorous): training minutes at T0, T1, T2
3.2 Domain 4 IPAQ—leisure (moderate, vigorous): training sessions at T0, T1, T2
  1. aSection: The 52 weeks of the intervention were divided into 13 4-week training sections