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Table 7 Themes, subthemes and transcript examples

From: Effect of personal activity intelligence (PAI) monitoring in the maintenance phase of cardiac rehabilitation: a mixed methods evaluation

Subtheme Examples
Global theme 1 Lynk2 device
 1.1 Functionality “In terms of being able to use the device itself, I found it really easy to use.” (P14)
 1.2 Usability “I noticed that quite often on the hill because I sort of, there were three ups and down, so on the down I could feel it vibrate coming down or up and yeah, I know I would press it to look at the colour and see how it's going.” (P15)
 1.3 Wearability “I didn't even know it was there at any time unless I was particularly attending to it.” (P10)
 1.4 Safety “It gets caught on your clothing". (P16)
 1.5 Motivation from device “Yes, well, I had a bit of a sticky start because I didn't know I wasn't well so but once I got over that, I found it motivating too. You want to see the mechanics of it working.” (P13)
 1.5 Comparing other devices “I like the idea of this, over a Fitbit because I've also had a Fitbit but the fact that when I was working with the Fitbit, I was doing 20,000 steps a day, but I mean I could do that just for a stroll.” (P15)
 1.7 Future intention to use and recommend “So, you're highly likely to continue to wear the Lynk2 device so could you talk to me about why you want to keep wearing it?” (Interviewer)
“Just so I can monitor my training, it's actually giving me something; a goal to achieve. Yes, I found that quite, quite good, in the sense that I've been able to watch and monitor my training as I go during the day.” (P8)
Global theme two: perceptions of personal activity intelligence
 2.1 Participant understanding “Well, I thought just walking or doing, you know, the 10,000 steps, just walking would be adequate. But, you know, I learned that through the PAI that it's not just exercise. It's exercise with increasing the heart rate that actually provides you with PAI. So that that was a real eye opener. So, walking all day at work, was not necessarily going to give me the PAI that I required.” (P18)
 2.2 Interest and effect “You can, I guess, be healthier and less chance of another heart attack and possibly more years to your life if you keep over that hundred, hundred PAI and although it probably didn't affect me as much as it's probably affected some of the others, that haven't done a lot of training. But some days where you think you’re going to do 30 PAI and you do 10 PAI, it was interesting to see some of the exercise sessions that I do that are really probably not working as hard as you think it might have been. Especially if I'm doing heavy weights. Yeah. So, it doesn't tend to tax the heart that much.” (P3)
Global theme 3 factors effecting exercise
 3.1 Environmental barriers “a couple of times, it was just really hot and that affected not so much my capacity to exercise just my motivation to exercise.” (P7)
 3.2 Logistical barriers “It's hard like working in Brisbane. I get up at quarter past three and leave here at four o’clock and I don’t get home until night-time.” (P4)
 3.3 Psychological barriers “I find exercise boring.” (P17)
 3.4 Health barriers “Only barrier is, I have, is I can't run as I snapped my Achilles Tendon, so I need to do something like rowing or boxing, something that doesn't involve sprinting.” (P5)
 3.5 No barriers “No, no barriers at all.” (P19)