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Table 2 Frequency distribution of presented strategies and beginning of exercise in the women of Khoramroudi neighborhood

From: Development, implementation and evaluation of the ‘BELIEVE’ program for improving physical activity among women: a mixed method action research study

Type of strategy Start of exercising (Individual or group exercise in club) (Number)
Sport assistants Lectures in mosques and Quranic interpreting sessions (at least once) 13
Knowledge about the sports facilities Text message (n = 250) 1
Posters (n = 1200) 6
Banner (n = 2) 37
Cognitive behavioral therapya Two courses 25
Attracting participation by athletes 10
Participating women from previous phases of study 9
Total   76
  1. aSince the group had entered into the action cycle through other interventions, they had already been calculated once in other cases. As such, they were not counted again in this total sum