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Table 1 Allometric exponents (b) proposed in previous studies

From: Identification of muscle weakness in older adults from normalized upper and lower limbs strength: a cross-sectional study

Authors Normalized muscle strength for body-size variable
Jaric [56] General muscle strength/body mass0.67
Foley et al. [23] HGS/body mass0.40
Pua [25] HGS/body mass0.63
Maranhão Neto et al. [24] HGS/body mass0.31
Abdalla et al. [26] 1RM/body mass0.69
  1RM/body mass0.96
Davies and Dalsky [28] PT/body mass0.67
  PT/body mass0.72
  PT/body mass0.74
Segal et al. [39] PT/body mass*height0.97
  1. HGS handgrip strength, 1RM one maximum repetition measurement for knee extensors, PT isokinetic knee extension peak torque at 60°/s