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Table 2 Dynamic warm-up (DWU) protocol

From: Judo specific fitness test performance variation from morning to evening: specific warm-ups impacts performance and its diurnal amplitude in female judokas

DWU protocol


High-knee walk

While walking, lift knee towards chest, raise body on toes, and swing alternating arms

Straight-leg march

While walking with both arms extended in front of body, lift one extended leg towards hands then return to starting position before repeating with other leg

Hand walk

With hands and feet on the ground and limbs extended, walk feet towards hands while keeping legs extended then walk hands forward while keeping limbs extended

Lunge walks

Lunge forward with alternating legs while keeping torso vertical

Backward lunge

Move backwards by reaching each leg as far back as possible

High-knee skip

While skipping, emphasize height, high- knee lift, and arm action

Lateral shuffle

Move laterally quickly without crossing feet

Back pedal

While keeping feet under hips, take small steps to move backwards rapidly


Rapidly kick heels towards buttocks while moving forward

High-knee run

Emphasize knee lift and arm swing while moving forward quickly