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Table 3 Rotated component matrix with extraction method of Principal Component Analysis and Varimax rotation method

From: Cultural adaptation and psychometric assessment of the Persian version of the lumbar spine instability questionnaire

Item Description Component
1 2 3 4 5 6
Q1 I feel like my back is going to “give way” or “give out” on me   0.719     
Q2 I feel the need to frequently pop my back    0.659    
Q3 I have frequent bouts or episodes of symptoms       0.912
Q4 In the past my back catches or locks when I twist or bend my spine   0.478    − 0.529  
Q5 I experience pain when I change positions (e.g., sit to stand or stand to sit)    0.465   − 0.413  
Q6 When I bend forward it hurts, but returning to standing is usually worse 0.659   0.449    
Q7 My pain increases with quick, unexpected, or mild movements 0.778      
Q8 I have difficulty sitting without a back support (such as a chair) and feel better with a supportive backrest     0.856   
Q9 My pain is usually worse with prolonged or static positions      0.787  
Q10 It seems like my condition is getting worse over time (e.g., shorter intervals between bouts)   0.491 0.522    
Q11 I have had this problem for a long time   0.426    0.433  
Q12 I get temporary pain relief with a back brace or corset 0.595      
Q13 I have many occasions when I get muscle spasms in the back 0.568 0.447     
Q14 I am sometimes fearful to move because of my pain   0.728     
Q15 I have had a back injury or trauma in the past    0.648    
Eigenvalue 3.643 1.672 1.198 1.150 1.086 1.013
% of Variance 24.285 11.147 7.985 7.667 7.238 6.754