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Table 3 Estimated AUC area for ΔORM, ΔLAC, ΔCRP and Δcortisol

From: Orosomucoid: a promising biomarker for the assessment of exercise-induced fatigue triggered by basic combat training

Item AUC Standard error of AUC 95% CI of AUC p value of AUC
ΔORM 0.724 0.073 0.581–0.867 0.009
ΔLAC 0.587 0.085 0.421–0.753 0.313
ΔCRP 0.451 0.085 0.285–0.617 0.568
Δcortisol 0.493 0.091 0.315–0.672 0.939
  1. Δ: changed level during basic combat training (BCT), calculated as the level after BCT minus that before BCT. AUC area under the receiver operating characteristic curve, CI confidential interval, CRP C-reactive protein, LAC lactate, ORM orosomucoid