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Table 1 A table to show the definition of ‘normal’ for the postural examination

From: A comparison of the musculoskeletal assessments of the shoulder girdles of professional rugby players and professional soccer players

Part of Anatomy Definition of ‘normal’
Head Position The head erect in a neutral position with an inward cervical curve.
Shoulder Position The shoulder level slightly below the horizontal axis through T1.
Thoracic spine A slight posterior curve of the thoracic vertebrae.
Lumbar Spine A forward convex curve in the lumbar region.
Scapula Position The vertebral border of the scapula is parallel to the spine and is approximately 7.5 cm from the midline of the thorax.
Humeral Head Less than one third of the humeral head is protruding in front of the acromion.
  1. The table was adapted from Kendall et al., (1993) [25]. Assessment.