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Archived Comments for: The health profile of football/soccer players in Northern Ireland – a review of the uefa pre-participation medical screening procedure

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  1. ECG standards are clearer than what appears from reading this article.

    Nicola Sanna, Ambulatorio di Medicina dello Sport - Italy

    1 October 2014

    The interpretation of the ECG in a special population such as professional sportsmen should be performed by cardiologist or experts who routinarily see this type of "patients", as they will develop a specific expertise on uncommon anomalies, such short QT, Brugada, long QT, apical cardiomyopathy. There are plenty of articles telling how to correctly tell hypertrophic cardiomyopathy from physiological hypertrophy. 

    In my opinion, the bibliography of this article should also include something more recent, such as:

    Recommendation for interpretation of 12-lead electrocardiogram in the athlete

    Corrado D. et al.

    European Heart Journal (2010) 31 (2): 243-259.


    I did enjoy reading the article, though. 

    Thank you.


    Competing interests

    None to declare. I presently work for AFC Bournemouth as Head of Medical Department