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Table 3 Study Parameters

From: Impact of wearable physical activity monitoring devices with exercise prescription or advice in the maintenance phase of cardiac rehabilitation: systematic review and meta-analysis

StudyType of wearableTiming of recruitmentIntervention Description
   controlinterventionparameters for individual sessions
Avila et al. [67]Garmin Forerunner 210Sensewear mini armband3 months post ambulatory CRadvised to remain physically activehome-based exercise with telemonitoring guidanceweekly emails or phone calls centre-baseddata not published150 mins of activity/week6–7 days /weekmoderate intensity exercise (70–80% Heart rate reserve)
Butler et al. [68]Pedometer Yamax Digiwalker 700Bfollowing attendance of group CRgiven 2 generic PA brochures6-week self-monitored activity with pedometer, daily step calendar, generic PA brochureapproximately 15-min-long phone call after 1,3,12,18 weeks2 behavioural counselling and goal setting sessions week 1 and 330 mins of moderate intensity activity on all or most days of the weekdata not published
Cupples et al. [69]PedometerYamax CW-701following completion of supervised CRongoing weekly facilitator support but no feedback on step countsworked with a clinical facilitatorpedometerset daily step count goals with weekly reviewsrecord daily steps in a diaryhome-based30 min of moderate intensity activity dailygradual increase of 10% of steps aiming for 10, 000 steps/day
uscha et al. [70]Fitbit Charge2 weeks prior to discharge from group CRpatients wore Fitbit during last 2 weeks of group CRusual care as advised by physicianFitbit worn for last 2 weeks of studypatients wore Fitbit during last 2 weeks of group CR plus following 12 weeksexercise prescription of step countsweekly health coaching (1–2 times/week for 30–60 min)text messages and educational materialVida Health apphome-basedadvice given by individual physiciansspecifics not publishedweeks 1–4 increase PA by 2,500 steps above baselineweeks 5–8increase a further 1,250 stepsweeks 9–12increase a further 1,250 steps
Guiraud et al. [71]My Wellness Key Accelero-meter2 months or 1 year after discharge from group CRwore accelero-meter in last week onlyadvice on importance of adhering to exercise prescription givenaccelerometer worn throughouttelephone support given every 15 days identifying barriers and strategieshome-basedno contact givenmoderate intensity PA
Houle et al. [72]Yamax Digiwalker NL-2000 – blindedYamax Digiwalker SW − 200within 4 weeks of discharge from hospitalusual advice by nurse or physicianno restrictions to go to centre-based CRpedometerPA diarySocio-cognitive intervention led by clinical nurse specialisthome-basedusual advice- specifics not publishedgiven pedometer-based program
Skobel et al. [73]Gex sensor of vital signs and smartphoneduring group CRReport PA in paper diaryGuided exercise system (Gex)individual performances monitored and exercise prescription reviewedweb based tool, patient station and portable stationhome-basedspecifics not reportedendurance training plus resistance training (both isometric and isotonic exercises using a rubber band)Week 1–3; 2 x wk., 3 × 10 mins, Borg 11Week 4–6; 2 x wk., 3 × 10 mins, Borg 12–13Week 7–9; 2 x wk., 3x15mins, Borg 12–13Week 10–12; 3 x wk., 3x15mins, Borg 12–13Week 12+; 3+ x week, 3 × 20 mins, Borg 12–13
ter Hoeve et al. [52]Yamax Digiwalker SW-200Tri-axial accelerometer over 8-day periodduring group CRstandard CR for 3 monthsno after caregeneral information of benefits of PAStandard CR for 3 months + 3 face to face group PA counselling sessions and pedometers. Booklet with goal setting barrier identification and relapse strategies. Education about sedentary time givenhome-based and centre-based2 x week75 mins gymnastics, walking sports for 3 months followed by no after care2 x week75 mins gymnastics, walking sports for 3 months9 months after care program: 3 face to face sessions: 1-h exercise program and 1-h behavioural counselling program
Varnfield et al. [53]CAP-CR via Nokia smartphone pre-installed with step counter and health diary with accelero-meterpatients eligible for a CR referralaverage day post cardiac event:control: 68 daysCAP-CR: 53 dayscentre based CR for 6 weeksencouraged to maintain lifestyle changes achieved during CRCAP-CR Apphome-based and centre-based2 x week exercise for 6 weekscircuit based exercise light to moderate intensityfollowed by self-managementweekly telephone consultation: 15 min each for 6 weeks30 mins exercise most days of the weekmoderate intensitywalkingfollowed by self-management
  1. Abbreviations: CR cardiac rehabilitation, PA physical activity, CAP-CR care assessment platform