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Table 3 Study Parameters

From: Impact of wearable physical activity monitoring devices with exercise prescription or advice in the maintenance phase of cardiac rehabilitation: systematic review and meta-analysis

StudyType of wearableTiming of recruitmentIntervention Description
   controlinterventionparameters for individual sessions
Avila et al. [67]Garmin Forerunner 210
Sensewear mini armband
3 months post ambulatory CRadvised to remain physically activehome-based exercise with telemonitoring guidance
weekly emails or phone calls centre-based
data not published150 mins of activity/week
6–7 days /week
moderate intensity exercise (70–80% Heart rate reserve)
Butler et al. [68]Pedometer Yamax Digiwalker 700Bfollowing attendance of group CRgiven 2 generic PA brochures6-week self-monitored activity with pedometer, daily step calendar, generic PA brochure
approximately 15-min-long phone call after 1,3,12,18 weeks
2 behavioural counselling and goal setting sessions week 1 and 3
30 mins of moderate intensity activity on all or most days of the weekdata not published
Cupples et al. [69]Pedometer
Yamax CW-701
following completion of supervised CRongoing weekly facilitator support but no feedback on step countsworked with a clinical facilitator
set daily step count goals with weekly reviews
record daily steps in a diary
30 min of moderate intensity activity dailygradual increase of 10% of steps aiming for 10, 000 steps/day
uscha et al. [70]Fitbit Charge2 weeks prior to discharge from group CRpatients wore Fitbit during last 2 weeks of group CR
usual care as advised by physician
Fitbit worn for last 2 weeks of study
patients wore Fitbit during last 2 weeks of group CR plus following 12 weeks
exercise prescription of step counts
weekly health coaching (1–2 times/week for 30–60 min)
text messages and educational material
Vida Health app
advice given by individual physicians
specifics not published
weeks 1–4 increase PA by 2,500 steps above baseline
weeks 5–8
increase a further 1,250 steps
weeks 9–12
increase a further 1,250 steps
Guiraud et al. [71]My Wellness Key Accelero-meter2 months or 1 year after discharge from group CRwore accelero-meter in last week only
advice on importance of adhering to exercise prescription given
accelerometer worn throughout
telephone support given every 15 days identifying barriers and strategies
no contact givenmoderate intensity PA
Houle et al. [72]Yamax Digiwalker NL-2000 – blinded
Yamax Digiwalker SW − 200
within 4 weeks of discharge from hospitalusual advice by nurse or physician
no restrictions to go to centre-based CR
PA diary
Socio-cognitive intervention led by clinical nurse specialist
usual advice- specifics not publishedgiven pedometer-based program
Skobel et al. [73]Gex sensor of vital signs and smartphoneduring group CRReport PA in paper diaryGuided exercise system (Gex)
individual performances monitored and exercise prescription reviewed
web based tool, patient station and portable station
specifics not reportedendurance training plus resistance training (both isometric and isotonic exercises using a rubber band)
Week 1–3; 2 x wk., 3 × 10 mins, Borg 11
Week 4–6; 2 x wk., 3 × 10 mins, Borg 12–13
Week 7–9; 2 x wk., 3x15mins, Borg 12–13
Week 10–12; 3 x wk., 3x15mins, Borg 12–13
Week 12+; 3+ x week, 3 × 20 mins, Borg 12–13
ter Hoeve et al. [52]Yamax Digiwalker SW-200
Tri-axial accelerometer over 8-day period
during group CRstandard CR for 3 months
no after care
general information of benefits of PA
Standard CR for 3 months + 3 face to face group PA counselling sessions and pedometers. Booklet with goal setting barrier identification and relapse strategies. Education about sedentary time given
home-based and centre-based
2 x week
75 mins gymnastics, walking sports for 3 months followed by no after care
2 x week75 mins gymnastics, walking sports for 3 months
9 months after care program: 3 face to face sessions: 1-h exercise program and 1-h behavioural counselling program
Varnfield et al. [53]CAP-CR via Nokia smartphone pre-installed with step counter and health diary with accelero-meterpatients eligible for a CR referral
average day post cardiac event:
control: 68 days
CAP-CR: 53 days
centre based CR for 6 weeks
encouraged to maintain lifestyle changes achieved during CR
home-based and centre-based
2 x week exercise for 6 weeks
circuit based exercise light to moderate intensity
followed by self-management
weekly telephone consultation: 15 min each for 6 weeks
30 mins exercise most days of the week
moderate intensity
followed by self-management
  1. Abbreviations: CR cardiac rehabilitation, PA physical activity, CAP-CR care assessment platform