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Table 6 Qualitative Analysis of Physical Capacity Outcome Measures

From: Impact of wearable physical activity monitoring devices with exercise prescription or advice in the maintenance phase of cardiac rehabilitation: systematic review and meta-analysis

 Study QualityOutcome MeasureEffectBest Evidence Synthesis
Avila et al. [67]GoodVO 2 peak+Moderate a
Butler et al. [68]GoodMETs at AT=
Duscha et al. [70]FairVO 2 peak+
Skobel et al. [73]GoodVO 2 peak+
Varnfield et al. [53]Good6MWT=
  1. +, significant difference favouring WPAM, −, significant difference favouring control, =, no significant difference between groups. aModerate Evidence: significant findings provided by one study with high quality and/or two or more studies with low quality, and by generally consistent findings in all studies (more than 60% of the studies reported consistent findings)
  2. Abbreviations: VO2peak peak aerobic capacity, METs metabolic equivalents, AT anaerobic threshold, 6MWT six-minute walk test