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Table 3 Comparison of changes in ankle range of motion parameters among the 2 groups of study

From: The effect of adding TENS to stretch on improvement of ankle range of motion in inactive patients in intensive care units: a pilot trial

Ankle motion Difference between stages of measurement Mean Between-group difference* 95% CI for difference* #P value (between groups)
Plantar flexion Second and first 2.27 (1.76 to 2.77) 0.001
Third and first 2.67 (2.05 to 3.28) 0.001
Dorsiflexion Second and first 1.35 (1.04 to 1.65) 0.001
Third and first 3.57 (3.12 to 4.01) 0.001
  1. *Mean between-group difference and 95% CI for difference were reported/ #P value is reported based on the analysis of covariance