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Table 1 Description sporting programs 2011

From: Sporting programs aimed at inactive population groups in the Netherlands: factors influencing their long-term sustainability in the organized sports setting

NSFSize NSF in 2017aSporting programTarget group 2011Description 2011
AthleticsLargeStart to RunAdults6-week training program for novice runners and inactive adults aimed at running 3 km continuously. Participants train 3 times a week: one time under guidance of a professional coach, two times individually. In the final week, participants can participate in a 3 km test run. The program is offered by athletics clubs and running stores.
JudoMediumJudo in schoolChildren, adolescentsDuring 4–8 weeks weekly judo lessons in school provided by a qualified judo trainer, with possible follow-up lessons after school in the school location or at the judo club.
WalkingMediumThrough Four Days MarchesAdults6-month training program for debutants of the Four Days Marches of Nijmegen. Participants can take part in the training program individually or at a walking club. From a website, training schedules and information can be downloaded. Also, questions can be asked to an (online) expert panel. Participants can take part in two walking events to prepare for the main event.
WalkingMediumWorking by WalkingAdultsWalking program of at least 16 weeks aimed at improving health parameters. The program is provided by qualified walking trainers.
GymnasticsLargeTrendy Weeks for MastersOlder adults (45+)During 8–12 weeks weekly gymnastics classes with a specific theme (e.g. Move on music, Winter ready) at a gymnastics club.
HockeyLargeFit HockeyOlder adults (50+)Hockey played in a team with soft sticks and soft balls; training opportunities are provided on a weekly basis at the hockey club.
SwimmingLargeMy Swimming CoachAdultsA membership of the NSF, including access to an online swimming coach (including training schedules) and opportunities to participate in one-day swim clinics and events. The focus is on recreational swimmers (including adults who swim for health benefits) who swim in a swimming pool. The clinics are offered by swimming clubs and swimming pools.
BridgeLargeThinking and DoingOlder adults (55+)A project of 2 years in which bridge (weekly lessons of 2,5 h) is used to create communities of older people. After a year physical activities are offered.
Sportive cyclingMediumCycle-FitAdults6-week training program for novice cyclers (speed cycling, mountain biking) and inactive adults. Participants train 3 times a week: one time under guidance of a professional coach, two times individually. The program is offered by (sportive) cycling clubs and cycling stores.
Sportive cyclingMediumCycle & Enjoy NatureOlder adults (45+)Weekly recreational cycling activities with a focus on relaxing and enjoying nature at a cycling club; or an individual introduction package including a cycling magazine, a training manual, a map with cycling routes and a calendar with cycling events.
TriathlonMediumTrio-TriathlonAdultsOrganization of Trio-Triathlon (the three sports of a triathlon are performed by three different individuals) events.
VolleyballLargeBeach volleyballChildren, adolescents, adultsOrganization of different beach volleyball activities (e.g. clinics, tournaments, workshops) at schools, (beach) volleyball clubs, companies and (beach) volleyball events.
VolleyballLargeCool Moves VolleyChildrenA volleyball approach adapted to the abilities and needs of children. Training opportunities are provided on a weekly basis at volleyball clubs; clinics are provided in schools.
VolleyballLargeUltimate Volley XperienceAdolescentsA volleyball event in a Caribbean atmosphere. The event is held at a special location and includes music and spectacular side-events.
  1. NSF National Sports Federation
  2. aSize of NSF in 2017: large > 100.000 club members; medium 25.000–100.000 club members; small < 25.000 club members