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Table 5 Regression model with mean maximal step-up height (aMSH) as dependent variable at 22-month follow-up

From: Long-term effects of group exercise intervention on maximal step-up height in middle-aged female primary care patients with obesity and other cardio-metabolic risk factors

VariablesBeta (SE)Beta (SE)t (37)p-level
bage−0.27(0.10)*− 0.12(0.05)*−2.80*0.007*
cfollow-up time−0.11(0.08)−0.12(0.09)−1.390.170
  1. n = 64 (Casewise deletion of missing data, total group of 101 female patients)
  2. R2 = 0.620
  3. Variables: aMSH i.e. maximal step-up height the mean of right and left leg (cm), bage (years), cfollow-up time i.e. time from baseline to 14–30-month (mean 22) follow-up (months), dwaist circumference (cm), co linearity to BMI and weight, eVO2-max i.e. maximal oxygen uptake (L•min-1), and fsum3bdfg denotes any limitations in the SF-36 scale physical function in items 3b, 3d, 3f and 3 g. Standard error = SE. * Denotes p-level < 0.05